We believe in six pillars of educating a child to ensure a well-balanced individual:

  1. Discipline:

It is the cornerstone of any school and an individual’s life and also an important life skill.  Without it nothing in life can be accomplished.  You must be able to listen to and obey rules and be obedient to God’s Word.  This ensures a happy individual.

  1. Manners:

Manners maketh the man.  Please and thank you are always the magic words.  No limitations can be placed on children with good manners.

  1. Love:

Faith, love and hope remains.  The greatest of these is love.  Love each other, yourself and God.

  1. Caring:

Children must learn to care for one another, have sympathy and empathy for one another, care for their pets and the environment.

  1. Honesty:

Honesty is the best policy.  In all your actions have integrity.

  1. Trust:

Build trust relationships with others and live in such a way that others can trust you.