Newton is a school of diversity. We believe that every child is important and we as teachers strive to help everyone discover and develop his / her God-given talents.

We have so many little artists and rising soap stars in the making!

Art is also offered as an extracurricular activity according to age groups and here they are exposed to a wide range of art mediums and - techniques.

Newton also participates in the Northern Cape Art Festival every year (from Gr. 1 - Gr. 7). Here the emerging actors and actresses can liven things up with poems, prose and our favorite - the speaking choirs in which each grade participates.


Debates nationwide have been wearing a new and unknown jacket over the past year. Although it was strange, perhaps unnatural and very different for our learners, we are grateful that our learners still had the opportunity to live out this passion.

Thanks to passionate and innovative organizers, various platforms were offered for learners to encourage participation and our Newton learners seized the opportunities with both hands.

Among other things, our learners participated in the Oppie Tong Af competition, which was a live online participation. This was truly unique to us all and definitely taught the learners a lot about this experience. We also participated in the Radikale Redenaars as well as ATKV competitions, where learners participated through a pre-recorded video entry.

All three of these competitions were an experience in itself and we believe our learners learned and took a lot from this. Yet we are all looking forward for debates put on his old jacket again, so that learners can once again take part in these competitions in a less isolated environment.

Mrs Lizelle does an excellent job for our Newton debate learners.


Also in the field of music, Newton is at the forefront of the choir! Learners are taught a variety of instruments during school hours. We also have a Junior and Senior Choir and we are proud to say that quite a few Newton nightingales have been selected to sing in the Kimberley Children's Choir.

Newton offers music tuition in the following instruments:

Brass and Percussion:  Mr. Danie Roux

Guitar:  Mr. Dillan van Wyk

Piano, Recorder, and Theory of Music:  Mr. Matthew van Wyk

Eligible students take part in external examinations through Unisa on an annual basis.

There are three choirs at Newton.  Two junior choirs:  Lion and Tiger choirs, and the Competition (senior) choir.  Under normal circumstances, these three choirs have rehearsals once a week whereby they perform at various Choir Festivals and Arts Festivals.

The school orchestra (consisting out of the recorder, string, and brass students of Newton) performs in various Arts Festivals, Music Evenings, and the end of year Christmas concert.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, rehearsals and performances of the choirs and orchestra are put on hold until further notice.

Only one child had a distinction in the practical exams of Unisa last year, as the examiner was very strict. (Caitlin Webber, 84% for recorder grade 1). The others were in the high 70’s. The children have not yet taken their exams this year, as it is only scheduled for the end of September.

This year we have two students who have achieved the honorary role in the theory exams of Unisa.

(Jedidah Peens, 97% Music Theory Grade 1) (David Peens, 95% Music Theory Grade 1)