This is the core of your child’s education. Differentiation takes place so that special attention is given to strong learners as well as learners that find learning a challenge. Dual medium classes from Gr. 4, helps to develop both languages and guarantees better symbols in high school. Achievement in mathematics must start here. It is an important criterion for many study fields at university, hence the maths enrichment classes which include the Olympiads.

A Top 10 Merit Awards Ceremony takes place annually where ex-pupils of Newton are guest speakers. The Top 10 learners enjoy an annual Top 10 Academic Tour.



2015- Gabbie Christians & Mark v/d Nest, members of SA Pro Leung Kuk maths team to Hong Kong

2017- Matthew Block & Ignus v Deventer, Winners of maths Conquesta,University of Pretoria, Maths in Action and Amesa Free state and Northern Cape Olympiads.

Science:  Best science primary school at Northern Cape Eskom Olympiad since 2013.

Languages : Only primary school in the Northern Cape to offer  pupils the opportunity to have Afrikaans & English home language simultaneously.