This is the core of your child’s education.  Differentiation takes place so that special attention is given to strong learners as well as learners that find learning a challenge.  Dual medium classes from grade 4 helps to develop both languages (English/Afrikaans Home Language as well as English/Afrikaans First Additional Language).

It improves linguistic skills in both languages and ensures better symbols at high school.  Also tertiary achievement in Mathematics starts here.

A Top 10 Merit Awards Ceremony takes place annually where ex-pupils of Newton are guest speakers.  The top 10 learners enjoy an annual Top 10 Academic Tour.  Due to Covid-19 this was shelved and in 2020 only a grade 7 Top 10 award ceremony was hosted.

In 2020 both Gabbi Christians and Mark van der Nest attained 1st place in matric in the NC and FS respectively.

We participate annually in various Mathematics Olympiads, namely FS/NC Maths Challenge, Conquesta, Amesa and other enrichment activities, namely Nautilus.

Our grade 7 learners also participate in the annual Eskom Science Expo.  In 2020 two of our learners achieved a gold and bronze medal each.